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                                          S T A T E - C O N V E N T I O N 
                                             Rochester, NY
The New York State Association & Auxiliary I.B.P.O.E.W annual convention will convene
in Rochester, New York on May 20 - 26, 2014 at the Radisson Hotel Rochester Riverside
located at 120 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14604.
The hotel reservations forms are available from the Convention Director/Directress and
are also being circulated via email or you can book your hotel reservations online at the
following web page www.radisson.com
You can also make reservations by calling direct at (585) 546-6400 and mention the following
                                                   BOOKING CODE: IBP
Special Note: We will make no reservations! Everyone must make their own reservations online,
calling or with the reservation form. This process will allow us to monitor our progress and to make
sure we get the proper credit forrooms booked under the ELKS.
If there are any questions please feel to contact the Convention Director - Robert Worrell at
(914) 497-1618. If he can not be reached please feel free to contact me at (914) 441-6142
or email me at RayWorrell@aol.com.
I must let you know the absolute deadline is April 20, 2014 for all reservations. A credit card will hold
your reservation so book NOW!
Raymond E. Worrell, Jr. (Butch)
NYSA Treasurer/Assistant to the President

Welcome to our web site!
Our mission is to further promote the interests of our organization I.B.P.O.ELKS of W. 
and our members to the community, we strive to make a difference by educating 
the public and expanding our reach around the world.

Organization Purpose
The purpose of this organization is to enure that the welfare and happiness of it's
members be promoted and enhanced, the nobleness of soul and goodness of heart
be cultivated so that the principle of Charity,Justice, Brotherly and Sisterly Love
be inculcated, so that it's members and families be assisted and protected and the sprit
of patriotism be enlivened and exalted.
Bro. Leroy Williams Webmaster

Exalted Ruler - Ferncliff Lodge #367 White Plains, NY
Chief Antler - Council #57 Westchester / Rockland
Contact Info;

State President                                
Keith Fields

Aux State President
Willie Mae Morrisette willieand@nyc.rr.com




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